SONY has a fun-filled line-up allowing you to relive your childhood with some of your favourite movie classics.

Ready or not, it's that time of year again – the festive season has begun with a bang.

SONY (127) has a fun-filled line-up allowing you to relive your childhood with some of your favourite movie classics in a time where nostalgia creeps up on you and you remember all the things that made you smile.

SONY (127) welcome the New Year with two films that both became cultural phenomena and instant classics when they were first released – Ghostbusters and Karate Kid.

Ghostbusters – which celebrated its 30th anniversary last year – was an instant critical and commercial success and was nominated for two Academy Awards. It launched the Ghostbusters media franchise which includes a sequel Ghostbusters 2, two animated television series and several video games.

Released in the same year was director John G Avildsen’s The Karate Kid, an underdog story in the mould of Avildsen’s 1976 film Rocky. It went to the top of the box office, received rave reviews and earned Noriyuki "Pat" Morita an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Thirty years on, bustin’ still makes us feel good! The first Ghostbusters airs on the SONY on Friday 1 January at 21:50. New York City has a problem: paranormal occurrences have been plaguing the city in increasing numbers, and the only people who know this are three extraordinarily bright, slightly offbeat NYU parapsychologists who have lost their research grant. Soon every spook in the city is loose, and our heroes face their supreme challenge at a rooftop demonic shrine. 

Ghostbusters 2 follows on Saturday 2 January at 21:55. Four years after their previous adventures, the former Ghostbusters are under a restraining order and have fallen to hosting cult cable talk shows and entertaining at children's birthday parties. Only the Ghostbusters can save New York City, by turning paranormal pest control into an art form as they regroup to nuke the spooks in this high-spirited comedy.

The Karate Kid airs before Ghostbusters, on Friday 1 January at 20:00. Ralph Macchio stars as Daniel, a teenager whose growing pains are made that much more difficult by his arrival in a new town where he must start from scratch and make new friends. He quickly becomes the target of the Cobras, a menacing gang of karate students, who are less than pleased when he strikes up a relationship with Ali (Elisabeth Shue), the Cobra leader's ex-girlfriend. Under Miyagi's wise tutelage, Daniel develops not only the physical skills but also the maturity, faith and self-confidence to compete despite tremendous odds.                                     

Karate Kid 2 can be seen on Saturday 2 January at 20:00. Summoned by his dying father, Miyagi (Morita) returns to his homeland of Okinawa with Daniel (Macchio) after a 40-year exile. There he must confront Yukia (Nobu McCarthy), the love of his youth, and Sato (Danny Kamekona), his former best friend turned vengeful rival. Now, far away from the tournaments, cheering crowds and safety of home, Daniel will face his greatest challenge ever when the price of honour is life itself.                                                                          

So if you're relaxing at home this festive season, kick back and enjoy the nostalgic entertainment from SONY (127).