Christina Milian and her Turned Up co-stars.

We chat to Christina Milian about her show.

With Season 2 of Christina Milian Turned Up hitting screens on Friday 13 November at 20:00 on E! (124), we’re dying to know what we’re in for.

Season 1 showed us the good times and the bad, and we can’t wait to hop aboard the entertaining train once again.

We caught up with Christina to chat about the new season and this is what she had to say:                      

Can you tell us a bit about what viewers can expect in the second season of Christina Milian Turned Up?

This season is very action packed. It delves more into each one of our stories separately. I think last season was all about people getting to know my younger sisters. We’ve grown a lot of our independence. Season 1 definitely brought us a lot closer together and made us stronger. We feel even more confident together. So it now explores each one of our lives, our ups and downs. There’s really a lot of fun and crazy things that we try - we did that and so we live as if though the cameras weren’t there.

How have you evolved from the first season?

I’m becoming my own business woman. I’ve worked with my mom for so many years and I’ve gained a voice. To be able to use everything that I’ve learned from her, I go into my own businesses by myself and I create my own music team - I didn’t wait for anything to happen, I made it happen. You will see that a lot this season and I think that, as a family, we have all evolved.

What have you enjoyed the most about Christina Milian Turned Up?

The fans and people who got to know me and the turn-around with my music has been such a great platform for me to really work on. I love for people just to know me so that when they hear my music, they know that it’s coming from the heart. I think that’s what excites me and that’s what I want people to know - that it’s a real show, like real people and real reality. I’m proud of us for just being open, just being ourselves and not caring what people think.

What has been your biggest challenges this season and why?

The biggest challenges this season were the challenges my sister had to go through and the difficult decision she had to make as a mother. But we were there for her as a family and gave her all the support she needed.

For me personally, it’s me trying to be the best that I can be.

What genres do you like watching on TV?

I love to watch a lot of dramas. I’ll watch the Kardashians on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and I like Empire! I like another show that I’m filming right now called Grandfather, it’s a comedy.

What’s next from you?

Hopefully another season and movies in the future. I have a clothing line and I have a wine company that I’m working on called Viva Diva and I would really like to grow that brand.

Tune into E! Entertainment (124) on Friday 13 November at 20:00 for the Season 2 premiere of Christina Milian Turned Up.