The Librarians cover.

We chat to Jake, played by Christian Kane.

The Librarians Season 2 is hitting out screens on Monday 2 November at 20:50 on Universal Channel (117).

We caught up with Christian Kane (who plays Jake Stone) to chat about magic, mayhem and music. Check it out:

“Viewers can expect more magic in Season 2, which is a great thing,” said Christian. “We’ve really found our characters and come into ourselves. We all feel better in our roles and we’re working together – we know each other’s moves.”

When chatting about his character, Jake, Christian noted: “He’s always evolving. Last year he learnt that magic was real – now in this season we’re trying to stop it.”

When asked what he’s enjoyed most about being part of The Librarians cast, Christian said: “I love working with such smart writers on the show. My boss is a geek and we’re all part of an intellectual team – I’ve worked with the same boss for eight years and I really trust the writing room – which makes everything else easier.”

“I spend five years with Leverage and I didn’t have a stunt double, so I really became the action guy. My biggest challenge with The Librarians was that I had to unlearn how to fight on TV!”

Christian felt at home with his new cast, however, stating: “We all get along, we’ve become a family. We have the same humour and it’s hard not to laugh at the dry comments thrown around.”

With regards to acting influence, Christian said: “Oh my gosh. Acting is a raging business of thieves, we all steal from each other. I’ve stolen from people like Tom Cruise, Anthony Hopkins – and they have all stolen from someone else.”

Christian Kane

Christian was actually an Art History Major and said that being part of the series has reminded him to see the little things and appreciate art, “whether it’s a painting or staring out at a mountain range.”

Christian declared that music is next on the cards for him: “I’ll head back to LA and get some new songs together and maybe head on tour with the band.”

Well we sure look forward to the new season of The Librarians as well as some awesome music from this action guy.

“The Lord has blessed me, I need to go 90 miles per hour with my hands on fire,” ended off Christian.

Catch the Season 2 premiere of The Librarians on Universal Channel (117) on Monday 2 November at 20:50.