Love Chicago Med? Here are five dramatic rescues we loved from the first season.

The doctors and nurses in the emergency department of the Gaffney Chicago Medical Centre are experts at saving lives. Medical drama Chicago Med Season 2 is currently airing on M-Net (also available on DStv Catch Up here).

Luckily for you, if you missed the first season when it aired on DStv, all episodes of Season 1 are currently available to stream or download with Internet TV service ShowMax!
Here are the five most dramatic rescue efforts they pulled off in Season 1, proving that the Chicago Med team will do whatever it takes to save a life:

1. Breaking a little girl’s ribs
Season 1, Episode 1, Derailed

After a devastating L-train crash, the trauma team have to do what they can for the survivors, one of whom is a young girl called Rachel. She goes into cardiac arrest while medical student Sarah Reese is in her room, and Reese starts chest compressions immediately… but it doesn’t work until Dr Choi, responding to her Code Blue, tells her she’s not pumping hard enough to stimulate the heart. As she puts more pressure on little Rachel’s chest, we hear an unmistakable crunch just before her heart starts beating again.


2. Pulling a chandelier out of a man’s chest
Season 1, Episode 3, “Fallback”

When a patient comes in with a massive, orange chandelier impaled through his chest, Dr Rhodes recognises him as Russell, a guy he’s known for years and who now works for Dr Rhodes’ sister. Can he get the tubes of glass out of Russell’s chest cavity without causing a hemorrhage?

3. Resuscitating a stage 4 cancer patient - illegally
Season 1, Episode 9, Choices

When a wife and mother is admitted after a fall, her husband tells Dr Halstead that she’s got stage 4 Lymphoma and a DNR - meaning that if she dies, her wishes are that she does not get resuscitated. But when Dr Halstead gets a Code Blue from her room, he decides to save her when he sees her young daughter’s face. “I’ll take responsibility,” he says during the chest compressions, but he has no idea how his actions in that moment will impact on his career.


4. Inviting a patient’s wife into surgery while operating on his heart
Season 1, Episode 17, Withdrawal

When Dr Rhodes is faced with a heart attack victim who’s a Jehovah’s Witness, a religion that prevents believers from accepting blood transfusions, he is forced to improvise by trying to perform a “bloodless” bypass surgery. But when there are complications in the theatre, he makes the split-second decision to defy protocol, and get the man’s wife in the operating room to consent to letting him save her husband’s life.

5. Treating a baby that might not make it
Season 1, Episode 18, Timing

When a young couple bring their six-month-old son into the emergency room with diarrhoea and vomiting, the last thing Dr Manning expects is for his heart rate to drop and for him to start flatlining. Once they’ve resuscitated the baby, Dr Manning considers some new and devastating possibilities.

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