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HBO’s intriguing series is FIRST on Showmax.

When you enter Room 104, you don’t know who you’re going to meet, what era you’ll find yourself in, or which occupant of the hotel room to side with.


HBO’s 2017 anthology series was created by the Duplass Brothers (you’ll remember Jay Duplass as youngest sibling Josh from Transparent, and Mark Duplass as Brett, the sound engineer from the series Togetherness). No two episodes feature the same characters, but the setting is the same - Room 104 in a nondescript motel off a freeway somewhere in the US.

Watch the series trailer for Room 104 below:

This gives you a window into the inner lives of the guests who check in - from little Ralph who’s left alone with a stranger while his dad’s out on a date, to the unsuspecting pizza delivery guy who’s roped into the disturbing games played by the couple who ordered from him (starring James van der Beek - if you want more of him, binge on CSI: Cyber, also on Showmax) to a couple in their eighties who visit Room 104 to rekindle their passion and remember their very first night together to a pair of female MMA fighters who have to work together to guarantee their next big paycheck.


With its unsettling atmosphere and unique backdrop, Room 104 is not to be missed, and the 20-to-30-minute episodes are made for binge-watching back to back.

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