Oprah sits down with Ricki Lake, Kris Jenner, Micky Dolenz and TI

Be inspired and share in the internal struggles that celebrities go through as they give personal and painful details about their lives in brand new episodes of Oprah’s Where Are They Now? only on TLC Entertainment (135).

In April, Oprah sits down with all-time favourite celebrities from talk show host Ricki Lake and reality star Kris Jenner to rock 'n' roll star Micky Dolenz and hip-hop artist T.I. Watch as they reveal more about their history and how they turned their struggles into victories.   

We kick off with the premiere of Where Are They Now: Ricki Lake as Oprah catches up with Emmy-winning television host Ricki Lake. The talk show host became famous, in part, because of her voluptuous curves, but that hasn’t stopped the tabloids from running headlines about her weight. Ricki opens up about her struggles with her body image and how she has dealt with media scrutiny. 

We also catch up with ultimate “momager” Kris Jenner. As an author, reality TV star and the business manager for her six famous children, Kris is a woman of many talents. Watch as she gives us an exclusive glimpse into her infamous Christmas party-planning. Plus, Kris shares how she felt about living under one roof with her daughter, Kim Kardashian; Kim’s husband, Kanye West; and their daughter, North West in Where Are They Now: Kris Jenner airing on Sunday 10 April at 20:00.

Then, Oprah sits down with Micky Dolenz as he reflects on the crucial moment he knew his life would never be the same again. Micky reflects on the Monkees, a television show which started in 1966 based on a fictional band which later became reality.

In 1967, the Monkees sold more records than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones combined. Decades later, the Monkees are still making music, but drummer and singer Micky Dolenz stands by his belief that they didn’t begin as a band but rather a television show. Be sure not to miss this intriguing rock ‘n roll legend’s story as he explains the genesis of the band in Where Are They Now: Micky Dolenz on Sunday 17 April at 20:00.

Finally, we catch up with GRAMMY Award winner and hip hop artist TI who shares his thoughts about raising teenage girls, his 10-year vision and revelations about how a federal weapons charge led to his aha! moment. Plus, TI opens up about his blended family, parenting philosophy and personal evolution.

Join the hip hop star in Where Are They Now: T I on Sunday 24 April at 20:00.

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