DStv World TV Day

What is World TV Day? Where did it start and what's the future?

21 November is when we celebrate World Television Day because this day in 1996 the United Nations General Assembly commemorated the day on which the first TV Forum was held.

TV has been revolutionary in communicating events and important social issues visible to millions of people around the world.  I mean who doesn’t love TV, whatever mood you’re in you can find something to watch that will make you feel better. Check out The Guide for your viewing needs. 

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So how and where did it all begin? Here’s a timeline of the evolution of television:

4 October 1957

The Soviet Union launched Earth's first artificial satellite Sputnik 1. 


In the end Sputnik had completed 1 440 orbits of Earth transmitting radio signals and burned in 1958 when re-entering earth's atmosphere. 

1976 marked the launch of television in South Africa 

Did you know?

The Minister for Posts and Telegraphs at the time (around 1969) Dr Albert Hertzog called it 'the devil's own box' and 'the little black box' because he thought it would promote communism and immorality.

Remember the times of TV 2 , TV 3 and TV 4 owned by the SABC? 

Did you know?
Sgudi Snaysi with veteran actor Joe Mafela, who passed away earlier this year, brought in the highest viewing ratings in the late 1980’s.

M-Net started broadcasting in 1986  

It had a range of local and international programming like sports, kids shows and general entertainment.

1988 Carte Blanche was launched and became a multi-award winning program with hosts Derek Watts and Ruda Landman.
1995 MultiChoice introduced DStv, the digital satellite TV service.
1998 e.tv was launched. 
2008 MultiChoice launched SA's first HDTV channel 
2013 The DStv Explora decoder was launched. A year later DStv Now was introduced.

DStv Explora

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