Two tigers playing in the snow.

International Tiger Day takes place on Saturday 29 July 2017, and Nat Geo Wild viewers are in for a roaring treat dedicated to these magnificent creatures.

International Tiger Day takes place on Saturday 29 July 2017, and Nat Geo Wild (182) viewers are in for a roaring treat dedicated to these magnificent creatures. The lineup includes five special programmes which all showcase different aspects of this fascinating species.

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Tigers of The Snow at 14:04

Only about 500 Siberian tigers, one of the world’s greatest cats, are thought to exist in the wild. Without human intervention to protect these animals from environmental changes, poaching and the encroachment of humankind, they may become extinct in our lifetime. Travel into the field with a Russian-American scientific team which documents the natural history and behaviour of the Siberian tiger in its native environment.


Secrets of Wild India-Tiger Jungles at 14:51

This is the real story of the jungles made famous in Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book. It is a battlefield ruled by tooth and claw, where species fight for space, water, food, and mating rights. This is a world that knows nothing of compassion or kindness, dominated by two of the world's top predators, the Bengal Tiger and the Indian Wild Dog or Dhole. Kipling's Jungle Book was fiction. This is hard fact and a story that rewrites itself every year.


Animal ER-Tiger Emergency at 15:37

Today is a first for Gulf Coast Veterinary Specialists. Nia, a 6-year-old white Bengal tiger, is being brought to them for an ovarian hysterectomy to remove her uterus and ovaries. A staff of doctors and technicians all work together to get Nia sedated and into surgery. Complications arise while Nia is on the operating table, and it takes a true team effort to pull Nia back from the brink of death while completing the operation.

Tiger on the run

After a long, tense wait, Nia wakes up from her anaesthesia and makes a full recovery. Harley, a therapy puppy for a little girl who broke her leg, gets a screw inserted in her leg to help her bone to heal. Spirit the cockatiel fights a losing battle with a growth in her throat. And nine-year-old lab mix Duchess undergoes surgery to remove a growth near her brain that saves her life.


Animal Fight Club II-Kangaroos, Tigers, Octopus at 16:24

This episode reveals what happens when tropical animals turn on their own kind, bringing you closer than ever before to the toughest and meanest fights in the unforgiving tropical battlegrounds. From the rookie tiger whose hunger for territory ends in fatal violence, to the monster-sized monitor lizards who fight like pro wrestlers for total dominance, and the python who goes hunting for lunch only to find himself on the menu. Welcome to a no-holds-barred tropical fight fest.            


Tiger on the Run at 17:11              

Tiger on the Run is a natural history documentary following a young tiger in India, that's been forced out of his home territory by another male, and has to struggle for survival. The film promises to address the issue of habitat destruction and interaction of tigers and humans caused by the shrinking habitat.


Remember to tune into Nat Geo Wild (182) on Saturday 29 July for International Tiger Day.