Oprah Winfrey and Cameron Diaz

This month is packed with intriguing interviews with celebrities in Where Are They Now? Iyanla is also back helping families and couples resolve serious issues.

The popular OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) programming which currently airs on Thursday evenings on TLC Entertainment (DStv 172) will be moving to Sunday evenings, in the same timeslots, from the end of May.

This month is packed with intriguing interviews with celebrities in Where Are They Now? Iyanla is also back helping families and couples resolve serious issues.

See below for more on the premieres. Please take note of the TX change from week 4.

Masterclass: Whoopi Goldberg
Thursday, 7 May at 20:00 
Oprah and Whoopi Goldberg clear up feud rumours and discuss the loss of Whoopi's mother. Plus, find out what Whoopi's like as a grandmother.

Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My Broken Mum
Thursday, 7 May at 20:55
Iyanla travels to Birmingham, Alabama, to work with Kim and Annette - sisters whose relationship with their mother Charlene is at a breaking point. As little girls, the sisters say their mother traded being a good parent for relationships with men who were often controlling and abusive toward them.

Years later, unresolved issues from the sisters' painful past threaten to destroy their relationship with their mother, who is broke, alone and dependent on their support. In an emotional process, Iyanla helps hold Charlene accountable for her parenting missteps and works to reopen the lines of communication between the three women - before it's too late.

Where Are They Now: Oprah’s Sister, Actress Denise Richards and Survivor Winner Richard Hatch
Thursday, 14 May at 20:00

In 2010, Oprah discovered a bombshell family secret: she had a half-sister, Patricia Lee, who was put up for adoption at birth. Oprah had revealed the news on The Oprah Show, but viewers wanted to know where Patricia is now. In this update, Oprah travels to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for Patricia's 50th birthday party to toast sisterhood and tour Patricia's new home.

Then, actress Denise Richards opens up about her evolving relationship with her ex-husband, Charlie Sheen; the paparazzi photos she says cost her work; adopting her daughter Eloise on her own; and how motherhood has changed her whole outlook on life. Plus, Survivor's first million-dollar winner, Richard Hatch, talks candidly about going to prison in 2006 and introduces two adult biological children he just recently met.

Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My Sexless Marriage
Thursday, 14 May 20:55 
yanla works with a couple from Knoxville, Tennessee, who say that they are trapped in a sexless marriage. Tiffany and Nick have been married for five years, but they admit to rarely having sex - sometimes going a full year without being intimate. Tiffany feels that the problem rests with Nick's lack of initiative. Nick says Tiffany's nagging and controlling ways turn him off. But sex is not the real problem here; painful events from their pasts and a lack of intimacy are tearing this couple apart. Iyanla steps in to address the root causes of the couple's marital dysfunction—before their marriage dissolves


Where Are They Now? Hulk Hogan, Carrot Top And J.Lo’s Former Husband Cris Judd
Thursday, 21 May at 20:00 

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan opens up about life following his darkest period ever, and Scott Thorson recalls his "one-sided" relationship with Liberace. Plus, dancer Cris Judd talks about his ex-wife, superstar Jennifer Lopez, and comedian Carrot Top takes us inside his Zen retreat outside Las Vegas.

Iyanla Fix My Life: Fix My Overweight Family
Thursday, 21 May at 20:55 
In an emotional episode, Iyanla helps members of the Pace Sisters, an acclaimed gospel singing group of siblings, who are all fighting the same lifelong battle with weight. Seven of the nine sisters agree to sit down with Iyanla, but sadly one of the sisters, Melonda, has a stroke before she has a chance to speak with Iyanla. Clearly, the clock is ticking.

Iyanla's work is cut out for her as she tries to help these women uncover and confront what is weighing them down—mentally and physically. Perhaps Iyanla's biggest challenge, though, is to get these women to open up, which conflicts with their strict Christian faith that has taught them to put all of their problems in God's hands.

Where Are They Now: Roger Ebert, Bow Wow And Heidi Fleiss
Sunday, 31 May at 20:00

Heidi Fleiss, the "Hollywood Madam," who was busted for running a high-end prostitution ring, talks about her life today. Plus, rapper Bow Wow opens up about fatherhood and the lessons he's learned along the way. Then, watch a special tribute to film critic Roger Ebert.

Oprah Prime: Cameron Diaz
Sunday, 31 May at 20:55

Oprah Winfrey interviews Cameron Diaz. Oprah explores the topics of health, beauty and aging with two of Hollywood's biggest stars, Cameron Diaz and Sharon Stone.

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