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Celebrity Apprentice, Arnold

The scoop on the Twitter war.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and the now US President Donald Trump went head-to-head on Twitter with Trump throwing a who-done-it-best kinda attitude at the new Celebrity Apprentice host.

Here's a brief breakdown before you tune into Celebrity Apprentice on Fridays from 24 February at 19:30 on M-Net. 

It went somewhere along these lines - with the oh-so-mature Trump throwing the first virtual punch:


Donald was like:


And then Arnold was all like:


And he wasn't finished there:


And a little piece of history for good measure, how bow dah Trump?



Although Trump got a little bit schooled, he still couldn't leave Arnie and his apprentices in peace as he threw more petrol on the fire:


But Arnold was there like a bear:


Which made the Twitter crowd go wild:


And then it was safe to say that Arnie pulled a mic drop by whipping this one out:


Watch Celebrity Apprentice on M-Net, Fridays at 19:30 and see who you prefer as the host.