The Muppets in the Meganav

The Muppets and many more on Catch Up this week

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This week’s highlights:

New series


The Muppets

Everyone’s favourite Muppets return for an all-new documentary-style show. In the series premiere, Miss Piggy must deal with her anger at Kermit for booking Elizabeth Banks as a guest on her show.


Engine Addict with Jimmy De Ville

Extreme engineer Jimmy de Ville travels the largest city in the south of Brazil, on the hunt for the legendary engine that powers the world’s bestselling car.


Atlantic: Wildest Ocean on Earth

Follow the extraordinary current of the Gulf Stream, acting as a migration super-highway.


Step It Up

Based on the best-selling novels, this 9th century period drama follows the Viking invasion of England. Young Saxon Uhtred is captured and raised by the Danish warlord Ragnar, in the series premiere.


The Last Kingdom

Drama set in the early 1930s following a black jazz band in London at a time of extraordinary change. Music journalist Stanley Mitchell helps the Louis Lester Band rise to fame.



The creators of The Slap penned this Australian drama following an inexplicable mystery. In the series premiere, Sergeant James Hayes makes a startling discovery after responding to a call at the local cemetery.


Dancing on the Edge

E! News Africa Specials give viewers an in-depth view of the journeys taken by some of Africa’s most inspiring and influential personalities.


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