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Exciting news, DStv Family customers can now enjoy Catch Up on their DStv PVR and Explora decoders.

You won’t be able to stop your family from clicking – our DStv Family customers now also have access to our Catch Up service on their DStv Explora decoders!

What does this mean for you? You can enjoy more than 180 hours of entertainment – from your favourite local soaps and dramas, to your newest international series obsessions, to movies for the whole family and shows just for the kids, and a little bit of sport thrown in too. 

The best news? You don’t even have to do anything – we send this to the Catch Up service on your Explora every day, you just have to sit back, click and enjoy! Talk about easy entertainment!

New to the world of Catch Up? No worries, we've got all of the details below. 

What is DStv Catch Up?

This is the convenient way to stay up-to-date with your favourite shows, and watch what you want when you are ready to kick back.

DStv Catch Up on your Explora sends the shows and movies via our satellite to your Explora – so a selection of the best shows available on your DStv packages, is ready and waiting for you to watch when you are ready.

We also have an extended Catch Up library with many more shows and movies, as well as box sets that you can binge, available on our DStv Now service. You can access DStv Now from the iOS or Android app on your smartphone or tablet, or online – and then stream or download the content you pick. 


Will all this content you are sending to my Explora impact my own recording space?

Not at all – you still have the same space available for what you want to record. Our Catch Up service uses a completely different portion of the hard drive on your decoder.


How do you decide which shows go on Catch Up?

The shows on the Catch Up service on your Explora are linked to the DStv package that you are subscribed to. We look at the shows that our customers on that package are watching and add some of your favourites into Catch Up like daily soaps and local dramas. Then we also add a selection of content for the whole family by adding some sport, kids shows and movies for you to enjoy together.

If you don’t see your favourite show on Catch Up on your Explora, you can also go to Catch Up on DStv Now. Or you can set a series recording to add it to your personal playlist.


For some shows you have 4 episodes available, and for others only a one or two?

How many shows are made available on Catch Up on your decoder, depends on the rights we have for that show. For some shows, we can only put two episodes at any time on your decoder, while for others we can add the whole season.

As you can imagine, there is also a bit of a space constraint on your decoder. This is why you will see a lot more content on Catch Up on DStv Now.

Now, get ready to enjoy even more of your favourite series, movies, sports and kiddies shows thanks to Catch Up on DStv Family.