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This week the Carte Blanche team take a look at Bell Pottinger PR disaster, Cargo thefts and more. Tune in Sunday 10 September on M-Net (101) at 19:00 and again on M-Net Plus 1 (901) at 20:00 or stream live on DStv Now for this week’s episode.

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Bell Pottinger: The PR Disaster

British public relations firm, Bell Pottinger has had a string of turmoil events. CEO James Henderson resigned ahead of the Henderson report which detailed how the company helped start and fuel racial tension in South Africa. Now banned by the the British Public Relations and Communications Association for five years, could this public disaster spell the end for the PR giants global firm? Kate Barry produces this segment investigating further with John Webb presenting.

Gentrifying the Inner City?

It may be hard to believe that Fattis Mansions once stood as one of the best apartment blocks in Johannesburg but it’s now been reduced to merely broken windows, no electricity and many years of neglect. No matter what state it’s in now, many still called the building home. Tarryn Crossman produces this insert that looks into what occurred after the Red Ants moved in evicting residents and disposing of their belongings. Can these flats ever return to its former glory? Macfarlane Moleli presents this segment.

Cargo Thefts

The N2 between KZN and Eastern Cape is a treacherous route. Violent looters roam the area looting cargo from passing trucks. Costing the economy billions, Nicky Troll produces this insert where the question is asked: what is being done to stop the looting? Presented by Devi Sankaree Govender.

Around the world on Rhonda

It’s been three years since Steph Jeavons left home in Wales to embark on an impossible dream: a   solo trip around the world on her motorbike. 41 countries and 100 000km later, she arrives in Cape Town where Carte Blanche and legendary motorcyclist Charley Boorman meet her. Produced by Kate Barry and presented by John Webb.

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