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TLC's Next Great Presenter Carissa Cupido is doing great things. Look out for her new show starting soon.

Carissa Cupido won TLC’s Next Great Presenter last year and has just been on the rise since.

Watch her new show This Is Life With Carissa Cupido starting on Thursday 26 October at 20:00 on TLC Entertainment. 

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- This if Life on TLC 

So what has this rising star been up to since winning? Well if you’ll remember this new show is not her first rodeo. She has a show called TLC’s Most Extreme which was shot in London as well.

Here's more insight about the show Life With Carissa Cupiso from the horses mouth:

On the show she presented the most gripping, exciting and thrilling moments from TLC’s vast archive.  You’ll remember that she jetted off to London to shoot this show.

Carissa Cupido in London for TLC

She also does voice overs for the channel: 

Carissa Cupido Instagram

You better look out for her in 2018 as she’ll be teaming up with the gorgeous Thando “Tha Booty’ Thabethe on the show Thando Bares All:

Carissa and Thando Thabethe

Her style star is Solange and she's serving:

Carissa Cupido