You Can't Lick Your Elbow on Discovery Family explores the amazing things the body can and can't do in a riveting series.

There are many weird, clever, and amazing things that the human body can – and sometimes can’t do. You Can't Lick Your Elbow (starting Wednesday 4 April at 21:00 on Discovery Family and streaming on DStv Nowis an  eye-opening series which takes a closer look at the human body's capabilities.

As we peer closer inside this incredibly complex machine the series demonstrates how to hack into your own physiology to maximise and alter the body’s responses to all kinds of situations. From how to recover after a workout to how to walk on fire, this is where to find the answers to questions about the human body you would never think to ask.

How can a common household item reduce pain, and is it possible to receive an injection without feeling the sting? Host and NFL analyst Tony Gonzalez takes a tour of the most high-tech machine of all: the phenomenon that is the human body.

Interested to find out more? We have some fun facts to consider about the human body before the exciting series premiere:

1. Ever wondered how many bones make up the skull? The average number is 29.

2. Four terabytes of memory sounds like a whole lot of space, which is what the memory capacity of the human brain is rumoured to be the similar capacity of. When you think of it, it isn't that much and probably the reason we forget many happenings. 

3. The average human needs around seven minutes to fall asleep... how long does it take you? Speaking of sleeping, we forget 90% of our dreams. 

4. Humans are said to be the only beings capable of drawing a straight line - or close to it. 

Watch You Can't Lick Your Elbow starting Wednesday 4 April at 21:00 on Discovery Family and streaming on DStv Now