Paul du Toit with a backpack

The avid camping host of VIA'S new and exciting programme shares some of his best camping advice, tips, tricks and tales.

Join Paul du Toit as he investigates everything from gourmet camp food to pop-up tent launching in the new and exciting programme that that investigates the competitive side of the South African camping culture - Kom ons Kamp on VIA (DStv channel 147) Fridays at 17:30 and Sundays at 20:00, and streaming live on DStv Now.

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The avid camping host Paul du Toit took some time to share some of his best camping advice, tips, tricks and tales:

Are you an avid camper?

No, I have camped before though. I enjoy the experience but I honestly do not take it as seriously as most of the contestants I get to work with.

What aspect of camping do you find most daunting?

It is so difficult to change contact lenses in a tent, crouched down with nothing but a flashlight as guide.

Do you prefer sand, grass or gravel when it comes to the ideal camping ground?

Sand, I am a total beach babe. I love the ocean, it is the one place where I truly get the chance to switch off.

Do you have a favourite camping spot or story that you would like to share?

Mdumbi – Transkei. This spot has the most amazing views, beaches and unbeatable silences. The local people truly get the opportunity to work for themselves and employ their own people without external influence. It is a lovely spot for the whole family to become one with nature. Everything there looks like a real life screen saver.

What part of the production did you enjoy most?

I’ve only just realized how insanely competitive camping can be! It should be a South African sport. I’ve enjoyed every aspect to be honest. I must say, the people come up with such innovative and inventive ways to better their camping ways. Everyone is immensely friendly and accommodating but they maintain a strict competitive spirit.

Would you be able to give the competitors any advice as to what they should do?

I am not allowed to help them but it really doesn’t matter because my advice is worth very little to them. I have nothing on them when it comes to camping.

Do you have any camping tales that you can share with us?

My friends and I completed a trip to the mighty Okavango Delta, Moonlight Bay to be specific. This spot is literally in the middle of bloody nowhere but we weren’t bothered, we had great company and even better scenery. As we were pitching our shelter for the evening, it started pouring. We covered ourselves and started to sing in order to brighten the mood. Besides the loud thunder we all grew conscious of a bass-like rumble that joined in every couple of chords. It came as a huge shock that a hippo decided to turn our trio into a quartet. We grew silent, observed the creature as he investigated our sudden mute mood. He grew bored and left. We sang the night away, completely flabbergasted at what happened.

Want to enter for Kom ons kamp? VIA is looking for contestants for the following episodes:

Pronkies Piketberg: 12 to 15 April

Bergrivier, Paarl: 21 to 26 April

Ou Skip, Melkbosstrand: 3 to 6 May

Enter by sending an email with your details to via@mediaclubproductions.

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