The cast of Call the Midwife on BBC Entertainment.

Call the Midwife Season 4 premieres on BBC Entertainment on Sunday, 21 June.

Call the Midwife (inspired by the memoirs of Jennifer Worth) returns to screens on Sunday, 21 June on BBC Entertainment with the brand new season. Now entering the 60s; the nurses, midwives and nuns from Nonnatus House convent continue their journey to deliver life into the world.

With a grand following and a soft way of touching the hearts of viewers, Call the Midwife continues to provide audiences with both happiness and drama.

The actresses from the popular series gave us a little insight into the new season and their characters.

Taking on the role of Nurse Phyllis Crane is Linda Bassett. When asked how she feels about joining the Heidi Thomas-created show, and she replied: "It is a beautiful show, with such a love for humanity and so different to everything else. There is a lot of darkness on TV, so it’s lovely to be in something that’s essentially about giving new life to the world."

Jenny Agutter, who plays Sister Julienne in the award-winning series, shed some light on some of the changes at Nonnatus House this season. She explained that the storyline would address one of Sister Julienne's biggest problems - a need for more experienced midwives. "Nurse Barbara, who is obviously very capable but inexperienced, joins in the first episode. A little bit later on, we meet a really experienced midwife, Nurse Crane, who joins Nonnatus. She rubs people up the wrong way and is one of those people that is very well meaning, but doesn’t have the manner to match," said Agutter. 

With the new season come new challenges for her character. "Sister Julienne has always been self-dependent and able to get on with things, but there are times when she needs further support in this series," said Agutter. "There’s one episode where you find out a great deal more about where she came from and you get a little bit more background. It’s lovely to discover something new about her life history because it means I have an extra understanding of her character."

Speaking of history, she revealed that viewers can look forward to a new outlook to go along with the change in time periods. "In the 1960s, there was a sense of emerging into something extraordinary with very different views being expressed through art, design, science. It was a very creative time; things that had been held back for so long developed." 

Creativity means change and, according to Pam Ferris, her character Sister Evangelina, is usually resistant to change. But with the addition of new characters, change is inevitable. "Progress in maternity care is steady but new characters bring new ideas. Sometimes changes are welcome, but sometimes not," she said.

Judy Parfitt, who returns as Sister Monica Joan, weighed in on how the show's music reinforces the show's historical grounding.  "The hymns and carols are particularly beautiful. They give such an atmosphere of the period and I love them – it’s my era so I recognise them all. Music is integral to the show and everything works well together," she said. 


It’s Season 4 and of course fans have expectations. Helen George, who plays Trixie Franklin, revealed what she hoped the audience will take away after watching the series. "It’s the same Nonnatus House with new challenges and storylines that progress each character. There’s still a sense of community and friendship among all of the women but we look at the male characters as well. I think the audience will get everything they’re hoping for – and there are still lots of babies."

Be sure to catch the new season of Call the Midwife at 21:00 on Sunday, 21 June on BBC Entertainment.