What is Britain's Brightest Family about? We bring you the lowdown of the what, when and how of the brand new game show coming to ITV Choice DStv Channel 123.

Hosted by Anne Hegerty, Britain's Brightest Family is a brand new quiz show coming to ITV Choice on Monday 2 April at 17:15 and streaming on DStv Now. The premiere will see back-to-back episodes aired, so don't miss out!

What is the show about?

The series sees 16 brilliantly clever families take part in a knock-out tournament as they attempt to win the holiday of a lifetime and the title of Britain’s Brightest Family. We bet you're already thinking of the best getaway ever: perhaps a trip to Disneyland or maybe an exciting sea cruise? These families will have to work to get their hands on the prize!

In this seven-week series, the contestants go up against each other to answer a series of questions involving literacy, numeracy, problem-solving and general knowledge skills. It's the fastest thinkers and those with those amazing facts you always wonder what you'd need them for. 

But ... there's a twist!  Each team must nominate a family member to answer the questions, proving how well they all know each other's strengths and weaknesses. Here's hoping no one will be the loose link to take everyone down, but if the bond is strong and they know each other well, there's nothing to worry about... right? 

Who is the host?

Wondering why Anne Hegerty's name rings a bell? She's known for for the popular game show The Chase where contestants must answer a number of questions to stand a chance to win money. So she's no stranger to game shows and seeing contestants have to outwit their competitors. 

Hegerty was a part of the both the UK and Australian versions of the show and was dubbed "The Governess". We're excited to see her bring through a similar persona with Britain's Brightest Family!

Watch Britain's Brightest Family S1 on ITV Choice from Monday 2 April at 17:15 and streaming on DStv Now.