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Viewers should gear up to go on a journey of love and parenthood this season.

As you know Total Bellas is back Sundays at 20:55 on E! and streaming  on DStv Now.

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We had an opportunity to speak to Brie Bella who said fans should hold on to their seats because, "It’s a really magical season, I think fans are going to love it."

At the end of season one we saw Daniel Bryan hanging up his boots and Brie felt like it was time for her to start a family.

"This season is the last ten weeks of my pregnancy, which is hard, because anyone who has been pregnant knows the last ten weeks kind of suck. You’re so ready to have the baby, you’re tired and you feel like you can’t walk anymore; I was so swollen, it was just insane, but I really wanted my fans to see me on this incredible journey."

Viewers will also get to see the birth of the daughter Birdie, "I was in labour for 21 hours and did an emergency C-section." 

What else can viewers expect from this season? "It’s insane how this worked out, but we’ve all seen Nikki want to become a wife. How many times do we see her and John have this conversation where she is like, “I don’t understand why you don’t want marriage?” and the fact that this season you get to see her journey – her getting proposed to – I mean it gives me goosebumps right now."

Being a mom has changed Brie and Daniel's life for the better, "My nights are different now, Bryan and I start her bedtime routine at 6pm, and I love it. I love giving her little baths, breastfeeding and having quiet nights every day. I just love being a mom, it’s done a lot to my life. It’s a lot of hard work, I won’t lie, but it’s the most rewarding thing ever."

Brie Bell and her daughter Birdie

It seems like Brie is handling motherhood like a champ and is finding ways to make it all work together. 
"Without Bryan, I don’t think it would work for me, I would have to give up my career. But because of him, his support and our strong marriage, we are able to have this great support system. We travel together, and he will help me watch Birdie if I have to do something, or if he has Smackdown, I have Birdie."

The twins who were both of WWE fame had completely different career courses and didn't think they would be in the limelight, "When we were younger, I was like I am going to be in the Peace Corp and I am going to go all around the world and help people. My sister wanted to play pro soccer. We never thought anything more than that, but we would do autobiography reports on Vivien Leigh and Marilyn Monroe – we did love something about Hollywood, but it never occurred to us that we can be a part of Hollywood."

However, they were a family that enjoyed sports, "my parents used to love the big boxing matches, so they would have big parties at the house. We would beg that during the break, we could lip sync to the Spice Girls. We would get all dressed up in our bedroom and my parents were like, “You can come out now.” We would blast the music to all their friends, so I guess we’ve always loved to entertain."

Birdie does miss aspects of the WWE, "I miss the fans, I think the WWE universe is unlike any fan base out there. I miss the live events and being able to have the intimate connection with your audience."

Interesting Facts:

Favorite Band:

- The Lumineers 

- "My idol is my grandmother, her name is Alice. She has lived through so many eras of ups and downs. She is the strongest woman I know, with so much class and elegance. I have never met a more selfless person. She is 85, I talk to her every day on the phone and I am still learning lessons from her. I hope to be like her in my life."

Favorite movie of all time:
- Life is Beautiful. "Every time I watch it, I am moved, I cry, laugh and feel something."


By Siphilile Shelembe