A still image of Sofia Vergara and Jason Statham in the movie Wild Card.

Wild Card is an action movie starring Jason Statham as Nicholas, a Vegas bodyguard with a gambling problem who gets into deep trouble with the local mob.

With all the odds stacked against him, he unleashes his final play to break free from the life he’s stuck in. And, yes, as you can imagine, it involves a lot of punching.

Wild Card is actually a remake of the 1986 film starring Burt Reynolds called Heat, although, under the guidance of director Simon West (Con Air, The Expendables 2, The Mechanic), the action has been taken up a notch.

The story is fairly lean and plays out more like “a day in the life of” taking us through a series of seemingly unrelated events that eventually converge in one massive brutal finale that will leave hard-core Jason Statham fans completely fulfilled.

Wild Card is far from high art, and it’s a relatively short movie, but if you’re looking for something to lose yourself in for 92 minutes, watching incorrigible douchebags armed to the teeth getting their backsides handed to them by one man and his bare hands this will hit the spot.

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