Olivia Wilde and Mark Duplass in The Lazarus Effect.

Rent The Lazarus Effect on BoxOffice and watch an undead Olivia Wilde.

One of the more common queries we get is why there aren’t more horror movies on BoxOffice.  The simple answer is that Hollywood just isn’t making all that many A-Grade horror movies these days. 

You will notice, however, that this week there are a few horrors coming your way – The Remaining and The Lazarus Effect. Being a horror fan myself, I naturally had to pick one of these movies to review and, let’s face it, The Lazarus Effect won because undead Olivia Wilde is still sexy as heck.


The Lazarus Effect tells the story of a crew of medical researchers and students who discover a way to resurrect the dead using a serum that they develop and some fancy-looking electrical equipment.

Wait, where have we seen this before? Frankenstein? Yup, and that turned out fine, didn’t it? 

After semi-successful tests on various animals (with varying side-effects), a cruel twist of fate results in Olivia Wilde’s character Zoe being killed and, in an act of desperation, being resurrected by her fellow medical researcher Frank, played by Mark Duplass.

As you can imagine, this doesn’t go down well with the spirit world as all manner of chaos is unleashed on the medical students as they try and contain a new and extremely evil threat to the wellbeing of the world!

The Lazarus Effect is typical horror flick. It takes a bit of time to get going (and in my opinion spends a bit too much time on plot development) but once the metaphorical Kraken is released from its cage, the scares come thick and fast. And being that this movie is just over an hour and a half long, there’s very little space to relax.

There’s very little gore, so the scares are more frightful than anything else. For horror buffs out there, it’s less Sam Raimi and more James Wan, so if you enjoyed movies like Insidious, The Grudge, The Woman in Black and The Possession, then The Lazarus Effect is right up your alley.  

On my Scary-Meter this movie rates a 5/10 but on my Creepy-Meter, it scores a solid 7/10.  As a horror fan, it filled the gap and I’m sure that it’ll give fellow adrenalin-seekers enough of a hit until the next wave of horrors make their way to BoxOffice.

The Lazarus Effect will be available to rent on BoxOffice from 27 June, only on DStv Explora.

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