Ted and John (Mark Wahlberg) at the bar.

If Seth McFarlane’s name is attached to something, there are three guarantees: it’ll be filled with profanity, it’ll be crude and it’ll be funny.

Ted 2 delivers all three in huge amounts. Check this out:

To refresh your memory, Ted centres on a young man, John (played by Mark Wahlberg), who is given a stuffed teddy bear one Christmas. He makes a wish that brings Ted (Seth McFarlane) to life and they go through life as the best of friends – getting drunk, playing pranks, smoking copious amounts of dagga and living in general reckless abandon.

In Ted 2, things get complicated when Ted gets married to Tammi-Lynn (Jessica Barth), his sweetheart from the convenience store where he works. A year later, and with their marriage on the rocks, Ted becomes convinced that he can rescue his marriage by having a baby with Tammi-Lynn.

But a massive problem looks set to put to death any plans to start a family when Ted’s status as a legal person is revoked by the government and he has to take to the courts to prove that he is a person and entitled to civil liberties as any other American.

With no money to hire a lawyer, they agree to hire a freshly-graduated law student (Amanda Seyfried) to take on their case pro-bono, but there’s a bigger sinister plot at work against Ted and John, one that’s even more dangerous than anything they would ever have imagined.

Ted 2 is highly entertaining if you enjoy Seth McFarlane’s sense of humour. This movie never takes itself seriously, not for one little moment, which is what makes all of his movies (like Ted and A Million Ways to Die) so enjoyable.

I loved Ted 2 but that’s because it really appeals to my sense of humour (don’t judge me). Rent Ted 2 on BoxOffice if you’re not easily offended and you’re looking for something to make you laugh out loud.