Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy in the movie Spy.

There are so many combinations that go well together: gin and tonic; bacon and maple syrup; Melissa McCarthy and director Paul Feig.

Yes, the magical Hollywood duo that can do no wrong have teamed up again to bring us Spy - a hilarious movie about a CIA desk jockey Susan Cooper (McCarthy) who manages to volunteer her way into a massive weapons smuggling case after the identities of all the CIA’s in-field agents are uncovered by a criminal mastermind, played by Rose Byrne.

As you can imagine, though, McCarthy’s Cooper is anything but your traditional in-field super spy, which makes for some insanely funny secret identities issued to her by her vindictive boss.

Working alongside her CIA handler – played by the equally funny and awkward Miranda Hart (who you’ll recognise from shows like Call the Midwife, Miranda and Hyperdrive), she goes on a global offensive to track down a tactical nuke, eliminate a criminal weapons smuggling ring and avenge the death of the agent she was previous a handler for.

Guys, I know “side splitting” is an over-used cliché in comedy movies, but I actually can’t think of a better way to describe this movie. There are so many incredibly funny parts in this movie that at one stage I had to press stop to gain my composure. 

McCarthy and Feig are comedic geniuses – as we’ve seen before with movies like The Heat and Bridesmaids. I can’t wait to see what these two cook up for the Ghostbusters reboot that’s due next year.

As an overall package, Spy is sensational. It’s super funny, the action is plentiful and the pace is just right to keep you interested. It's probably as good, if not better, than another fantastic spy movie that was on BoxOffice recently - The Kingsman.

Rent it, watch it, and laugh your abs into shape for summer. This movie will not let you down.


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