Shaun the Sheep available to rent on BoxOffice.

Shaun the Sheep is honest, safe and fun entertainment for kids of all ages.

As many parents of young kids will agree, Shaun the Sheep is one of those hidden gems that should be more popular that it is.

It’s clearly aimed at young kids (DStv has it on Cbeebies) but coming from Aardman, the same crowd that made Wallace & Grommet, Chicken Run and Timmy Time, you know it’s going to be entertaining for the kids and for the parents who inevitably end up watching these shows with their kids.

I was introduced to Shaun the Sheep about four years ago when my boy was old enough to start watching a bit of TV and, well, let’s just say I think I might just have enjoyed it a bit more than him.

In fact, my wife and I ended up binging on hours of Shaun the Sheep that we had series recorded on our PVR because it was miles better than a lot of the other stuff on TV.

Shaun the Sheep is honest, safe and fun entertainment for kids of all ages and until now it’s been available in bite-size chunks on DStv. But this is Shaun’s first full-length feature film and the only thing I can say is it delivers in heaps!

It’s funny, witty, extremely entertaining for the whole family and, although the plot is nothing that we haven’t seen before, writer/directors Mark Burton and Richard Starzak have managed to weave a very entertaining story into this one and a half hour piece of magic.

One thing that will impress you – as parents, naturally – is just how well made this movie is. Kids may overlook a lot of the intricate little details that Aardman manages to include in its TV shows and movies, but I found myself taken aback by the little additions that speak volumes about how passionate the filmmakers are.

I’m not ashamed to say that I honestly enjoyed Shaun the Sheep. More, dare I say, than some of the other movies currently out in circulation that cost hundreds of times more to make.

Do yourself the favour. If you have young kids, rent Shaun the Sheep on BoxOffice for them. It’s not often that you find a movie that is genuinely “for the whole family” but this I can say, hand on my heart, is a winner.