The poster for Robot Overlords.

Gillian Anderson and Ben LKingsley star in Robot Overlords which is available to rent on BoxOffice.

Robot Overlords is an interesting movie in many aspects. I think critics largely overlooked it and a lack of advertising meant that it flew under the radar for most people, myself included.

I recall once seeing a few visuals from the movie on a promo screen at the local cinema, but it never really caught my attention because it looked like a movie that was aimed at people younger than me but kids older than my son.

These tend to slip past me entirely so when I saw it on the BoxOffice schedule I decided to venture into unknown territory and give it a whirl.

Robot Overlords is an independent British sci-fi movie written and directed by John Wright and starring Gillian Anderson (yes, from X-Files), Ben Kingsley and a handful of unknowns.

The story centres on a group of teenagers living in the midst of an alien robot invasion and their attempts to usurp the control these robots have on humanity.

If I were you, I’d ignore a lot of the reviews because they don’t take one vital fact into account: this is a movie aimed at teenagers.  There’s a lot of negativity towards this movie from critics, but I think it’s largely because they saw Ben Kingsley and expected high art.

There’s very little under the surface in terms of character development or anything that’ll really you thinking about the meaning of life. In reality, Robot Overlords is a fun, action-packed popcorn movie to keep the teens entertained. 

I was almost tempted to file this movie alongside Attack the Block (which is a fantastic British sci-fi movie) because it’s similar in tone. But the reality is that Robot Overlords isn’t as violent; there is the odd swear word here and there, but for the most part I’d say it’s safe for anyone over 13.

I liked it because I watched it from a teen’s perspective. I wouldn’t say it’s on-par with anything that Marvel has put out, but it’s probably on the same level as Flight of the Navigator, or The Neverending Story. Watching it with the kids won’t kill you, but you’d probably want to put it on for them and go to the next room to catch up on your series with DStv Now.

Get the kids to invite their friends over, make some popcorn, rent Robot Overlords on BoxOffice and make an afternoon of it. 

R30 is a small price to pay for 90 minutes of peace and quiet.