A picture of Colin Firth in Kingsman: The Secret Service.

Rent Kingsman: The Secret Service and watch Colin Firth train Taron Edgerton's character to be a secret agent.

As one gets older, the desire to re-watch movies gets lower - especially because in this day of reboots, re-makes, prequels, sequels and re-tellings, it’s hard to find a movie that you can genuinely say “filled the gap”.

I mean, as kids, we could re-watch that same He-Man VHS tape hundreds of times before the heads on your VCR just could not read the tape anymore. I remember more than once going to the movies and when the movie ended, joining the queue to re-watch the movie all over again.

But today (well, apart from the prohibitively expensive cost of movie tickets), it’s less likely that I’ll want to watch a movie again, especially right after I’ve just watched it.

Then came Kingsman: The Secret Service (which is available to rent on BoxOffice). If you’ve ever looked for a movie that’s “more James Bond than James Bond” – then Kingsman is probably the movie to rule them all.


It’s got mix of action, thrills, comedy, drama and wit that you’d expect from director Matthew Vaughn (whose pedigree includes X-Men: First Class, Kick-Ass and Layer Cake).

The movie is set in the UK where there’s a special branch of secret agents that operate above the government – away from corruption and politics. They follow the mythology of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round table with code-names like “Arthur”, “Galahad” and “Lancelot” and are so secretive that agents will risk death before they reveal anything about the organisation and their activities.

When one of their own is killed in action the search for a replacement gets underway and through a series of seemingly unrelated events, a young Londoner from the South side - Eggsy (played by Taron Edgerton) – gets included in a group of youngsters being trained for the position.

But the rise of Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) a global terrorist masquerading as a technology mogul and philanthropist fast-tracks the need for a new agent and puts Eggsy and his handler (Harry Hat, AKA Galahad – played by Colin Firth) on the front lines. It’s Hunger Games meets James Bond meets The Bourne Identity.

It’s an over-the-top movie to be sure. There are more gadgets, bigger fight scenes, more high-speed chases, and more Cockney accents than you’d expect in a conventional spy movie. But it works.

From the beginning credits, you realise “Okay, this is far fetched, but intentionally so,” which sets the tone for the movie quite nicely. You don’t expect the movie to follow the regular rules of physics so the stunts and action scenes become a bit more believable.

Whether it’s Galahad crouching behind an umbrella  - that has a built-in targeting system for the stun gun in the handlethat - to block bullets, or a hand grenade shaped like a cigarette lighter or even a hand gun that shoots shotgun ammo, you’re less likely to say “Wait a minute!”.

Kingsman: The Secret Service is an amazing roller coaster ride. In places is unapologetically violent, in others it’s side-splittingly funny. It’s well acted, a very compelling story and fully deserving of extremely high praise.

There aren’t many movies I’d rate 9/10 but this one managed to break into my Top 5 Movies of All Time list.

If you’re craving a funny, witty, action-packed spy thriller, rent Kingsman: The Secret Service on BoxOffice ASAP.

You won’t be disappointed.