A picture of Jeremy Renner putting pins on a map in Kill the Messenger.

Rent Kill the Messenger and watch Jeremy Renner as journalist Gary Webb who takes on the CIA.

During the mid-1990s, the CIA was allegedly involved in importing crack cocaine into the US to secretly bankroll the Contra fighters in the Nicaraguan Revolution. 

Working on little more than a tip-off and a handful of classified papers from an anonymous source, journalist Gary Webb starts down a slippery slope of government cover-ups, CIA smear campaigns and the unravelling of his writing career as he single-handedly uncovered one of the most damaging conspiracies to hit the US.


Yes, this is a true story.

Kill the Messenger stars Jeremy Renner as Gary Webb and is based on some of the events mentioned above, although Hollywood has taken certain creative liberties with what actually transpired…in the name of theatrics of course.

Regardless, this movie succeeds in keeping you at the edge of your seat…waiting…wondering if and when the CIA are going to rock up at Webb’s front door and “have a civilised conversation” with him.

While the CIA doesn’t resort to strong-arm tactics, the smear campaign that basically puts an end to Webb’s career as an investigative reporter is enough to make you admire just how far some people will go to protect their integrity, over and above family and personal safety.

As a writer myself, Webb’s actions, are both scary and brave, taking on one of the biggest and most powerful governments in the world in the name of truth and justice.

Kill the Messenger isn’t a particularly long movie, but it’s incredibly well put together, which means you’ll be entertained from beginning to end. It’s less action, more intrigue and very well paced. I didn’t ever find myself looking at my watch or fiddling with Twitter on my phone.

If you enjoy movies with a similar tone to The Fifth Estate or even The Imitation Game, you’ll love Kill the Messenger. Rent Kill the Messenger on BoxOffice.