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Renowned actor Boris Kodjoe stars as Sanctus Snook in Cape Town on Wednesday 12 October at 20:50 on Universal Channel. 

Sanct Snook, a former member of the Hawks, is called to Cape Town to investigate the murder of his partner, Lara Joubert.

"Sanct is a leader who has a keen sense of integrity and loyalty," Boris explains.

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Boris says he enjoyed playing the "different" role that has multiple layers that are revealed throughout the series.

The native German speaker shares that he found the South African accent interesting.

"Learning such a specific accent was a challenge," he says, adding that he hopes he didn’t “butcher” the accent too much. 

“I wish there had been more time for me to properly prepare and get comfortable with the accent, but the amazing Fiona Ramsay really helped me understand the melody of the dialect.”

Boris Kodjoe

Cape Town happens to be one of Boris' favourite places in the world and this is part of the reason he chose the role - he's also "a big fan of Deon Meyer." 

He felt that he had to respect the setting and the people of SA in potraying his character. "South Africa has a very special vibe. I tried to educate myself by talking to as many people as possible. I wanted to make sure that our production, our presence, actually helped the people who are hosting us."

One of his many highlights of being in South Africa was going to Robben Island with his wife and kids.

"We had taught them about Nelson Mandela’s life and they were equally amazed and touched by the magnitude of the experience. To see them process the reality of his incarceration while stepping into his cell was profound."

Boris thinks that Cape Town is an "authentic depiction of Cape Town" and that people should tune in because, "the show is full of suspense and drama, twists and turns, lots of interesting characters played by an amazing international cast including some of the best South African actors.

Watch Cape Town on Wednesday 12 October at 20:50 on Universal Channel.