Annelien Pienaar wearing an apron and holding a baking pin

Watch online: traditional and much loved boerekos on VIA (DStv channel 147).

Watch Boerekos met ‘n Twist on VIA (DStv channel 147) from Tuesday 9 April at 18:30, and rediscover the delectable decadence of boerekos! Annelien Pienaar takes us on an adventure as she reinvents traditional and much loved classics. She believes that all one needs to be able to cook is the ability to read! No one is too young, old or too inexperienced to cook.

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We spoke to this flamboyant kitchen confidant and discovered some of her hidden secrets. She had the following to say about cooking, kitchen supplies, fresh produce and her personal aspirations as favorable cooking personality.

What are the top 5 ingredients that every cook should have in their pantry?

Garlic, Rosemary, flour, butter and olive oil.

From where did your passion for cooking sprout? Who inspired you most

My grandmother and mother played vital roles whilst my passion for food and cooking developed. They taught me so many tricks and I still make use of their secret cooking techniques. International chef alchemy has always intrigued me. The industry revolves around experimentation, something I love to do in the kitchen. 

Would you say that one is born with a natural inclination cook?

I believe that your environment and the people you surround yourself with play vital roles in how you see and experience food. One can teach oneself how to cook but the success in every dish resides in the enjoyment of producing it and being part of its flavour success.

Many people try to cook but believe that the food gods themselves bless the very talented cooks. Do you have any advice to give struggling cooks?

I believe that if you can read than you can cook. The modern cooking regime is all about simple and basic cooking. One does not need a Michelin star to make amazing pasta.

Do you have a favourite farmhouse recipe or dish?

Bread and pickled goods are always good! Nothing beats a freshly baked loaf smothered in salted butter and preserves.

Is there a chef that you have always desired to cook with?

Gordon Ramsey - we have so much in common. Both of us chat at an immense speed and we enjoy saying it like it is. No fuss, just brute honesty.

Do you have a foodie for an Idol?

This might sounds ridiculous but I am a huge fan of this Chinese bloke whose name I have completely forgotten. His cooking style is so simple. He loves making use of fresh produce and uses his own ingenuity to develop new and inventive flavour combinations. 

Which aspect of Boerekos met ‘n Twist do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy working with the crew and the guests. Everyone plays a part in the success of a production. There are wow-factors within every episode. Every single one unique and breath-taking.

What did you enjoy eating as a youth?

Pancakes were my absolute favourite!! They evoke a nostalgic sensation within me that is so very unique and dear to me.        

Which kitchen apparatus is your favourite?

My mixer! It is my absolute favourite tool to use! It is so very versatile and is used in almost every one of my recipes. I love baking hence my love for this handy tool!

Boerekos met ‘n Twist will be available on DStv Catch Up

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