The cast of Black-ish season 4.

We're excited for season 4 of Black-ish! Let's take a look at some cool facts you may have not known about the popular comedy series.

The Johnson family are back for Black-ish season 4 on Thursday 23 November at 19:00 on Vuzu Amp and also available to stream on DStv Now.

Are you ready to reunite with television's favourite funny family? Join Rainbow, Dre and the kids Junior, Zoey, Jack and Diane as well as the newest little addition, DeVante. It's another season of drama and crazy fun as the family navigate life with a new child. 

We're huge fans of Black-ish! When we started finding out some interesting facts about the comedy, we had to share it!

1. Miles Brown who plays cutie Jack had made a name for himself as a dancer when he was younger. At four years old he appeared on The Ellen Show (weekdays at 17:00 on Vuzu and also available on DStv Now) as 4-year-old dance sensation Baby Boogaloo. Adorable!


2. You probably thought only Tracee Ellis Ross had famous family (her mom is Diana Ross), but did you know Yara Shahidi has Nas as a second cousin? She was even the flower girl at his wedding with his ex Kelis. 

3. We love set secrets! The set is designed like a real home so the cast can walk from room to room in one shot. The doors are made wider than average to allow for cameras to move through and the walls can be moved if need be. The stairs you see them climb? They actually go nowhere because the second story of the Johnson's house is right next to the first story plan. 


4. Zoey is based off of Black-ish creator Kenya Barris' daughter... who Yara went to school with for about a year and had no idea it was inspired by. 

5. One episode of Black-ish takes about 4 days to shoot. 

6. There is an official spin-off that you can watch out for: Grown-ish (previously known as College-ish) that focuses on Zoey as she heads off to university and will have Trevor Jackson star alongside her. 


Catch Black-ish season 4 on Thursday 23 November at 19:00 on Vuzu Amp and also available to stream on DStv Now.