cast of Reverie

This brand-new sci-fi drama will transport you to an imaginary world where the impossible becomes possible - but at what cost?

Reverie is a virtual world, a program that lets you live out your ultimate fantasies. But sometimes people get lost and don’t ever want to leave. That’s where Mara Kint (Sarah Shahi, who you’ll recognise from Sleeper Cell, which is also on Showmax) comes in. Her job is to find the lost ones and bring them home. And by saving them she might find a way to save herself - because she’s also running away from a tragedy in her past.

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What is Reverie about?

The Reverie program was created by tech genius Alexis Barrett (Jessica Lu), but now the 2.0 version developed by “dream world architect” Paul Hammond (Sendhil Ramamurthy) is on a whole other level, capable of creating a virtual world populated by anyone’s deepest desires, based on their social media footprint. But what happens when people don’t want to leave the dream? Former hostage negotiator Mara Kint, who has her own share of baggage, is called in to bring out clients who’ve become trapped inside the program, leaving their bodies in a comatose state. Of course, the danger here is that Mara won’t be able to leave either.

5 reasons we’d sign up to the program

1. It lets you change your appearance

Imagine getting your dream body, the one you’ve always wanted, and then being able to wear whatever you like and look fabulous all the time without ever having to pay for clothes or go shopping for them.

2. You can go anywhere

Want to travel but hate flying? Reverie will take care of that, transporting you to any destination in the world without long-haul flights. It even lets you rebuild the world according to your whims and desires. Imagine if all your favourite places in the world were just a hop, skip and a jump away.

3. There’s nothing you can’t do

Sick people become healthy, those who’ve lost the ability to walk not only regain use of their legs but can even start running marathons, people can breathe underwater and even fly. Any physical constraints that exist in the real world disappear in Reverie.

4. You can succeed at anything and everything

Whether you dream of being a respected artist or an Olympic gold champion, Reverie lets you taste what this kind of success would feel like by giving you free rein to pursue any career and excel at it, without any of the time spent practising or the years of extended work hours.

5. Find love

You may have lost a loved one, or still be on the hunt for the perfect person for you. Either way, Reverie is where you’ll find them.

Sound too good to be true? Be warned: Reverie has a dark, terrifying side, which Mara is about to discover for herself.

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