Bonang holds up a disco ball.

Queen of media, fashion and all things incredible, there's no surprise we all adore Bonang Matheba.

Each week we've all been enjoying #BonangFridays as we watched Queen B's life unfold on Being Bonang. No feelings of FOMO were spared as we joined her in celebratting her 30th Birthday, the Bonang Matheba Bursury Fund, book launch and release of her app. Being Bonang gave us a snapshot into how she reigns as queen of media (and how she ended up as our Person of the Week).

With the final episode of the season looming closer on Friday 6 October at 19:30 on Vuzu Amp (103) and streaming live on DStv Now, it made us want to take a walk down memory lane from the last few weeks. We weren't alone as we watched the show - Bonang joined in on the fun on Twitter!

Missed an episode? We suggest not reading further but rather check out the Being Bonang boxset on DStv Now. Have a serious Bonang binge session as you enjoy her reality show from episode one!

Let's take a look at some of the tweets from the last few weeks of enjoying #BeingBonang:











What about a season two? It looks as if our girl B is not ready to share every aspect of her life for another round just yet. We'll be here waiting for when when she's ready to motivate, make us laugh and give us life once again. 

Don't miss the last episode of Being Bonang on Friday 6 October at 19:30 on Vuzu Amp (103) and streaming live on DStv Now.

By Michelle Govender