The lead cast of reasonable doubt stand together.

Join a homicide detective and a criminal defense attorney as they re-examine evidence from two different cases. Would you appeal the case or accept the verdict?

In the new series Reasonable Doubt, starting Thursday 5 October at 20:10 on IDX DStv channel 171, the reality is that here, the freedom enjoyed by most is corrupted by the guilty who roam the streets, while the innocent are imprisoned.

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Here's what went down at the #DStvShowcase

Retired homicide detective, Chris Anderson, and criminal defense attorney, Melissa Lewkowicz, re-examine evidence from two different cases.

There is Erick Westervelt, who was love struck, had his heart broken and was then charged with the murder of Timothy Gray.

And then there is murder accused Peter, whose wife Patty Wlasiuk apparently committed suicide and plunged her truck into a lake.

Together Chris and Melissa combine their years of experience to solve the cases that have left family members of the victims, and the accused so desperately in need of the truth. Which one will it be, appeal the case or accept the verdict?

What would you do? Watch Reasonable Doubt on IDX DStv channel 171, starting Thursday, 5 October at 20:10 and be part of the tough decisions made.

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by Alice da Silva