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Watch online The Curse of Oak Island, to find out all about the history of the island, recent discoveries and theories about the mystery.

Wrapped in riddle and enigma, Oak Island is a small wooded island off the south coast of Nova Scotia, Canada.  Watch season five of The Curse of Oak Island, Fridays at 20:15 on HISTORY (DStv Channel 186), and streaming live on DStv Now. The series will reveal the history of the island, recent discoveries, theories, and prior attempts to investigate areas of interest.

The mystery started in the 1700s when people noticed strange lights there at night, and the person sent to investigate disappeared. Then some kids rowed out to the island and found a strange indentation in the ground. This was the start of a quest to find out what lies beneath Oak Island. According to legend, it’s a mysterious buried treasure, but seven people must die in its pursuit. The body count stands at six so far.

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina from Michigan use modern technology and independent researchers, as they search for treasure and historical artifacts.  Their fascination started when they read an article in Reader’s Digest magazine about a family working on investigating the ‘Money Pit’. The brothers obtained a controlling interest in Oak Island Tours, a major owner of the island. Later they were approached by Promethus Entertainment to do a reality show. Rick and Marty are assisted by father-and-son Dan and Dave Blankenship, permanent residents of the island who have also been searching for treasure since the 60s.  The search is expensive and dangerous, and the deaths of those who perished trying to strike it rich have inspired the curse title.  Treasure hunters have been intrigued for over 200 years. Can the Laginas avoid the curse long enough to find the treasure before they run out of funds, or will they die searching?

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