Terrence Howard as Lucious Lyon in a scene from the first episode of Empire

From the first note sung by Veronika Bozema on What Is Love, we were hooked on Empire.

From the first note sung by Veronika Bozema on What Is Love, we were hooked on Empire.

The music on Empire is integral to the storyline, and in case you didn’t know, award-winning producer Timbaland and his team write new material for each episode.

We are halfway through this exciting season of drama, great fashion and incredible music, and are counting down some of our best musical moments from Empire so far.

Jamal and Hakeem collaborate
With their brother Andre and his wife Rhonda looking on, we had goosebumps as Jamal and Hakeem messed around, singing Live In The Moment. And just like the song’s title, their performance seemed very spur of the moment – it was a lot of fun!

Hakeem and Tiana are drip hot
Hakeem and Tiana are a superhot couple, taking the Empire music industry by storm, and when they join forces on Drip Drop, the couple cemented their place in the industry. It’s the perfect collaboration between hip hop and RnB.

Jamal is Good Enough
Yes, Lucious, your talented son Jamal is Good Enough. From the first episode, it’s clear Lucious isn’t happy that with his son’s lifestyle choices. But Jamal finally realises that he doesn’t need his father’s approval, or money, to live the life he wants. And when he sits behind the keyboard and performs Good Enough, we also see flashbacks to Jamal’s childhood and how Lucious treated his son for being ‘different’.

No Apologies from Jamal and Hakeem
They may have their issues with each other, but it’s clear nothing can come between their music. Hakeem approached the only person he could think of, when he needed help with his song, No Apologies. With his musical talent, Jamal tweaked the song and added the pizazz No Apologies needed – and when they perform it in front of an audience, they agree that it’s an amazing song!

Courtney Love
Courtney Love is the second musical guest (after Anthony Hamilton who performed during Lucious’ proposal dinner) on Empire, and even though it took a few takes for her as Elle Dallas to perform Take Me To The River, she didn’t disappoint. Her performance was raw and emotional, and reminded us of Courtney during her heydays with the punk rock group, Hole.

Last week, Empire ended on a cliff hanger, when Raven Symone, as Olivia, rocked up at Empire, claiming Jamal as the biological father of her daughter.

How will Cookie react, that’s what we wanna know!