The Lyon family in the FOX drama series Empire

FOX’s new drama series Empire premiered last night and wow! We were blown away!

FOX’s new drama series Empire premiered last night and wow! We were blown away!

From the very first scene - where V Bozeman performs What Is Love - to the fashion, acting and Cookie’s great one-liners, we are already hooked on Empire!

Here are our favourite moments from last night’s episode – let us know in the comment section below what your highlights were.

Jamal and Hakeem’s collaboration

We are still feeling the beat after Jamal and Hakeem Lyon’s collaboration! They were beyond amazing. The beat, the music and their voices fit so perfectly together.

We noticed Andre is more than just a bit jealous of this bond between his younger siblings. And maybe even their talent.

Andre the schemer

He may not have the musical talent, but Andre is a good businessman – and with his wife by his side, it’s clear they will do anything to succeed and ultimately get control of his father’s company.

And his first move to get his mom on his side worked out very well. It seems his uncle Vernon is also in on this evil plan.

Don’t mess with Lucious

He’s a businessman and father, but now Lucious can add killer to his resume.

It’s clear his business, family and power are very important to him - and he is not in the mood to be messed with.

When Bunky seemed like he posed a threat, it didn’t even take Lucious a minute to get rid of him.

Becky knows everything

The last time we saw Gabourney Sidibe on our TV screens, it was in American Horror Story, so it’s great to see her in a less frightening environment.

She’s proving the stereotype that secretaries know everything. 

It was just a matter of time before anyone found out about LuciousALS diagnosis, and we can already tell that Becky will be there to support him and his family.

We love Cookie!

This role fits Taraji P Henson like a glove! Honestly, we can’t see anyone else pulling off Cookie with such finesse.

She’s fierce, takes no-nonsense and has no filter guarding her mouth. She loves her children and would do anything to help them succeed.

But her meeting with Agent Carter has us wondering: who is she going to stab in the back?

We also learnt that we don’t ever want to be stuck in an elevator with Cookie… not ever!

We can’t wait to see what the next episode has in store for us!