As we countdown until the spin-off show Catfish Trolls, let's take a look at the best moments from MTV's Catfish.

We want to turn away, but we just can't because Catfish is the show that keeps on giving every, single episode. Now we're welcoming a spin-off of the famous show called Catfish Trolls starting on Tuesday 2 October at 15:00 on MTV and streaming online on DStv Now

Catfish Trolls sees online bullies come face-to-face with their victims - sounds similar to Catfish, right? Just expect some pretty notable online feuds and happenings including the story about Nicki Minaj super fan Camyonce! Trust us, clutch your smartphone screens for all the tea that's about to be spilled and wigs that may be snatched - don't say we didn't warn you.

Before Catfish Trolls let's take a walk down memory lane with some of the best - or worst, depending on your outlook - moments from the addictive Catfish TV show hosted by Nev and Max:

1. That guy Spencer who low-key believed he was friends with and even dating Katy Perry! Even flying all the way to the UK to meet his catfish face-to-face had him still thinking his relationship status with Miss Perry was totally an IRL thing. Our heart still feels for him all this time later. 

2. In season three when Nev took a phone and threw it in a lake! Emotions were running high and he soon regretted it after and probably still does as we've yet to see something similar happen again. If you ask us, Cole was asking for it. 

3. Who remembers when that girl Dee pretended to be Bow Wow? It sure was a ride of an episode! 

4. In one of the episodes we met Candic who was having a rocky time with her husband so turned to an online friend, Titus. She wanted to meet the real guy... who turned out to be her hubby, Jamie! He didn't know how to help her in real life so turned to the only option he had: a fake online friendship. How sweet and touching!

Watch Catfish Trolls starting on Tuesday 2 October at 15:00 on MTV and streaming online on DStv Now.