Best British entertainment coming your way.

January is known for new starts, promises to go to gym every day and "inspirational" phrases like “eat clean 2016”. But fear not because whatever you do (or don’t do), DStv is here to make sure that you stay entertained.

This January, the hot new shows just keep on coming. For those looking for a posh new start, why not grab some tea and scones and catch the best British shows around! 

Check out what’s in store:

Luther, Friday 1 January at 20:00 on BBC First (119)

We all love Idris Elba - so we're all giddy with excitement to see him return as DCI John Luther.


Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, Friday 8 January at 20:00 on BBC First (119)

Prepare for some elementary greatness, my dear viewer, as Sherlock and John try to solve the mystery of the ghostly bride! Nail-biting stuff, I do say.


Churchill's Secret, Sunday 10 January at 20:30 on ITV Choice (123)

Based on Jonathan Smith's book, The Churchill Secret: KBO, this is a gripping film told from the viewpoint of young nurse, Millie Appleyard.


 Downton Abbey S6, Sunday 10 January at 20:10 on BBC First (119)

This doesn't even need an intro - I just know the you're as excited as I am to delve back into the intertwined lives of Grantham Manor in Season 6 of the highly acclaimed drama series.


Endeavour, Monday 11 January at 20:00 on ITV Choice (123)

Follow Endeavour Morse in the beginning of his detective career with the Oxford City Police CID. Prequal to Inspector Morse, the crime drama will have you in suspence. 



The Missing, Wednesday 13 January at 20:00 on BBC First (119)

The story of couplle searching for their missing child with the help of French Detective Julien Baptiste. There's drama, gut-wrenching twists and a plot to keep you hooked.


Peaky Blinders, Wednesday 13 January at 21:00 on BBC First (119)

This historical fictional crime drama follows the Peaky Blinders gang boss (played by the ever broody Cillian Murphy), who operated in Birmingham after World War I. Definitely one to watch!


Youngers S2, Tuesday 19 January at 20:00 on BBC Brit (120)

The second season follows our favourite young musicians on their quest for fame, music, love and the answer to life. Join them on the hilariously sarcastic journey.