An image of Gabrielle Union

How fitting is it that Being Mary Jane will end with a movie as it started off the same way. It's sad that this amazing character has come full circle and will cease to exist in 2018.

It's been reported that Being Mary Jane will come to an end next year with a two-hour movie finale. 

Have you been keeping up with Mary Jane? Well if not you’re really missing out on the drama with Justin and Mary Jane’s parents. I don’t want to spill too many deets so watch it on DStv Now

Rumors are also that a new season wasn’t planned after the drama that Gabrielle Union and the network went through. Remember when the actress sued BET for trying to put more episodes into season 4 than initially agreed upon? Well they seemed to have worked it out which is why we are now at this point of the finale. 

I for one am very sad, I mean who else portrayed an African American woman with similar struggles so well? It’s seems the actress isn’t bitter about it and says the movie will “answer all your questions about each and every character.” She shared the post on her Instagram:

Fans, like me, are also feeling the gut-wrenching blow:


So where to from here? Not sure where else we'll be able to see Gabrielle Union in all her glory. For now though you can look forward to her first book, a memoir, called We're Going to Need More Wine which is due to be released this year still. 


By: Siphilile Shelembe