An image of the cast of Real Housewives Nini Wacera as Ese De Souza, Michelle Dede as Tari Gambadia, Marcy Dolapo Oni as Rume Bello and Linda Osifa as Rhetta Moore

Here are some tell-tale signs that you would fit in with the ladies of Hibscus Lane on Desperate Housewives Africa.

The ladies of Desperate Housewives Africa sashay onto your screens on Thursdays at 22:00 on EbonyLife TV.  

The African version of this multiple award-winning ABC series has us wondering what it takes to qualify as a desperate housewife. Although this matter is subjective, there are a few things we think you need to have to pull it off successfully. 

Appearances can be deceiving
We all know that, on the surface, a DH has to appear cool, calm and collected. Judging from the way they present themselves in public, you'd think that everything in their lives is perfect. 

With that comes that air of mystery that you need so that people take a keen interest in your life. When Rume Bello (played by Marcy Dolapo Oni) committed suicide, her friends were shocked because they thought her life was perfect. 


You need to flaunt what you have. Desperate Housewives are stylish and like to show off their wealth through the way they dress and their flashy cars. Ese and her friends love shopping and looking good. 

More money, mo problems 
No Desperate Housewife is complete without her own share of problems. Whether it’s having an affair or just dealing with kids or nosy neighbours, there’s always something going on in their lives. In Desperate Housewives Africa, we have a bit of both with Tari who is the neighbourhood snoop and Kiki who is having an affair with her personal trainer. 

Ain't nobody fresher than my clique 
Of course it’s not all dreary because, as a DH, you’re never alone. You have a clique of friends who are facing similar circumstances as you. These women have your back, although you can never be too careful about who you trust - anything you say or do in the clique may be used against you in future. Tari, Ese, Kiki, Funke and Rhetta come together to grieve after the death of their beloved friend and the ladies also share intimate details of their lives with each other. 

Laughter is the best medicine
A DH also has a sense of humour because, think about it, you need to find a way to deal with all the drama in your life without resorting to shrinks or drugs! The Housewives on Hibiscus Lane have made us laugh with their reactions to situations and the hilarious way they handle some things. 

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