Pop band Beatenburg, made up of Matthew Field, Ross Dorkin and Robin Brink, have enjoyed great success as the featured act on DJ Clock's Pluto (Remember You).

We spoke to Rob, the drummer, and he told us that the collaboration was an unexpected blessing.

“Someone on our level heard about a local production and we ended up working with DJ Clock,” he explained, adding that the track was a “game changer”.

Dj Clock with Beatenberg

Being part of Beatenberg during this exciting time has been a great experience for Rob. 

“It’s hard to put into words because the experience has been completely life changing. It has also changed my world perspective. We’ve reached so many people in South Africa and it’s been the most incredible experience. I am grateful,” he said.

Sharing about Beatenberg's secret to success, Rob explained: “The quality of the music. We care so much about it and I think people can feel that we’re excited about the music and it makes us want to dance and people relate to that.”

The trio have performed locally at events like DStv iRock and have graced stages in Barcelona and Scotland so far this year. 

Beatenberg have a mix of musical influences, including classical, jazz and dance. Rob shared that they are working on new ideas and concepts for upcoming sounds. “It’s going to sound like us but the fact that we’re getting older means it will have a little bit of maturity.”

Tune in to Guest Star for Beatenberg’s hits on Wednesday 30 September at 19:00 on Trace Urban.