An image of the new HoH's Thembi and Soxx on Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble

Biggy has set the tone with this week's positive power theme.

Housemates have to stick to the positive power theme this week. For more power watching, catch People and Power on Saturday 25 April at 18:30 on Al Jazeera.

One of the interesting challenges this week is that Housemates are expected to power dance whenever music comes on. 

They could learn a move or two from Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights on Wednesday 22 April at 23:30 on M-Net Movie Stars.

Thembi and Soxx also experienced some positivity when they won the HoH challenge. One may even say they were lucky, as initially K2 and Blue were announced as winners but, after finding a few faults, Biggy announced Thembi and Soxx as the true victors.

For a touching movie that will move you and heighten your positivity, watch The Fault In Our Stars on Saturday 25 April at 18:25 on M-Net Movies Premiere. 

They also had to practice being doctors for the first part of the HoH task, then they had to get through a minefield in the fastest time. If you want to brush up on your health knowledge catch The Doctors on Wednesday 22 April at 17:00 on M-Net City.

With being HoH comes tough decisions like save and replace and through their conspiracy pact, the new HoHs saved Chelsea and Mbali. However, since the royal pair Blue and K2 had the power of nomination, they put Chelsea and Mbali back on the chopping board. See who else is on the chopping board in Chopped on Wednesday 22 April at 18:00 on Food Network.

They had a bittersweet time as they organised themselves a nomination dinner where they dined together and had cooldrink insteaed of champagne. For more dining ideas watch Dinner Date on Wednesday 22 April at 21:01 on BBC Lifestyle. 

Remember, this week all the pairs except the HOHs Thembi and Soxx are up for eviction so vote to keep your favourite pair in the game

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