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Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble has wrapped up but that shouldn't leave you feeling blue.

It’s been quite a ride on Big Brother Mzansi Double Trouble.

Are you feeling a pang of emptiness at the prospect of missing out on your daily dose of drama? Well don’t because it’s not all bad - when one door closes another one opens. However there those moments we will seriously miss. 

Making friends
In the house we were introduced to a lot of couples - some knew each other and had some history but others were total strangers that met on stage and had to play the game together.
If awkward situations and strangers getting to each other have you hooked, you'll be able to get your fix from Come Dine With Me: South Africa Tuesdays at 18:50 on BBC Lifestyle. 

With the multiple personalities, there's bound to be friction and who can forget the passion during the early days when the Housemates were doing their tasks and Blue and Sibu got into a heated argument?
Then there was also the fight over batteries between Matt and Khali.  If arguments and drama get your blood flowing you'll be able to keep your heart rate up with Love Thy Neighbour starting on Monday 25 May at 19:00 on M-Net City. 

Money Games 
"Money ain’t a thing," Biggy gave money away to lucky couples throughout the show. Chelsea and Mbali won twice but also had to endure the terrible liquid diet which left many Housemates understandably mad. The first couple to have answered the infamous red phone, Exx and Lebo, won R50 000 each. 

Another pair that scored big at the Friday night games were Soxx and Thembi. If you enjoy watching people competing for a cash prize you'll love The Amazing Race, Sundays at 19:35 on Sony.

Love in the house
Love is always imminent in the Big Brother house but that doesn’t mean it’s always smooth sailing. The crazy couple who were always full of energy, Ntombace, had their little tiffs but always found a way to make up. Another couple with their fair share of woes were Blue and K2, affectionately known as The Royals.
K2 also had a bit of an attraction to Thembi which caused friction with Blue. However they always seemed to get over the tough times and also had plenty of luck when it came to winning games and titles. If you enjoy watching the ups and downs of relationships you'll enjoy Labour of Love, Mondays at 19:40 on Telemundo and Peace, Love & Understanding on Thursday 21 May at 21:50 on M-Net Movie Stars. 

Laughter is the medicine of life
There were plenty, but our personal comedic highlight of the season was when Lebo literally flipped her wig while she was dancing during one of the Friday night games. If you enjoy hilarious embarrasing moments like these you can stay laughing with The Jerry Springer Show, weekdays at 18:00 on M-Net City.  

Balling out in style
One of the Housemates' biggest achievements was the production of Ball Out. Housemates worked with Sean Pages, putting down rhymes and in the end they were able to successfully shoot their music video in the house.
For more music videos that you can ball out to, you'll enjoy Video Shuffle, Wednesdays at 23:00 on MTV Base. 

Check out more memories from the house on the Big Brother Mzansi website.