Presenter of BBC's radio service, DJ Edu

DJ Edu and BBC World News are going on a trip throughout Africa in search of the best nightclub on the continent.

DJ Edu and BBC World News are going on a trip throughout Africa in search of the best nightclub on the continent.

Be sure to tune in to BBC World News (DStv channel 400) on Saturday at 18:30 CAT, as DJ Edu travels to Morocco, Nigeria and South Africa, checking out the music scene and seeing the trends in the different countries.

We had a chance to talk to DJ Edu and asked him why he and the team decided to go on this exhibition.

"We wanted to see how people spend their disposable income and look at new social trends. There is often an idea or stereotype of Africans and we wanted to go to the clubs where real people are and get the real story."

Not only did the team also travel to DRC, Kenya and Botswana, but DJ Edu says he learnt more about the music of the countries and how friendly the people are.
"There is a real appreciation of local music in Africa, that was really clear from this trip. Also how truly friendly clubbing and the people there are. People are so friendly and really make you feel welcome and want to have a good time, kinda like me!"

In recent years, we’ve seen the success of DJs go beyond just spinning the ones and twos, and DJ Edu agrees that DJ’s are not just the guy in the background anymore.

"Also being able to go through loads of music and select that for the crowd has become more of a skill. With the internet and technology advancing, there is so much choice out there. You also have to create a show around their performances. There is more responsibility on you to become the producer and be an all-round artist."

DJ Edu, who was born in Nairobi, Kenya has been working with BBC Radio 1Xtra since 2002. And his work, with spreading the message of African music, is still far from over.

He said it’s all about breaking down stereotypes. "I always go back and forth to Africa, so for me it’s still to break out as many artists and positive messages about Africa as possible. The youth have power now to do that through their music," he said.

One of the good things Africa has to offer, is the people, said DJ Edu.

"The people are very welcoming and friendly. When visitors used to come and visit at my mum’s house she would get out the best glasses we would never have the opportunity to touch normally! Africans hold visitors in such high regard, so I think that’s the most appealing thing. And it’s what we are trying to showcase in this programme on BBC World News."

And for those who’ve never visited Africa, DJ Edu’s advice is simple – meet the real people and have fun.

"Throw away the guides and go out there with an open mind and explore, connect with the people."

Although DJ Edu has many favourite memories of the places that he's visited in Africa, one of the highlights was going back to Kenya, to the place where he was raised after 10 years.

"It was amazing to see how it’s changed. So the remaining picture for me is modern Africa and how things are moving on the continent no matter where you go. The entrepreneurial spirit of the young people is alive and people are really working hard to be their own boss and make a richer world for themselves and their country."

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