News reporter Ade Adepitan at the Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe for the BBC World News programme, The Travel Show

BBC reporter Ade Adepitan is taking a trip through Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana for The Travel Show.

BBC reporter Ade Adepitan is taking a trip through Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana for The Travel Show.

Tune in to DStv channel 400 on Saturday 18 April at 15:30 and 20:30 and on Sunday 19 April at 9:30 to see Ade take a breathtaking helicopter ride over the Victoria Falls. With the building of a theme park close to the Falls and the development of a new airport, there are high hopes that tourism to this area will increase, creating a boom in the economy.

In an interview with DStv, Ade said that travelling to Zimbabwe was one of his most memorable shoots as the combination of wildlife and natural beauty of the Victoria Falls simply blew him away.

Other locations that he’s travelled to over the years that have been simply remarkable include Venice and Rome.

"Venice is beautiful and unusual - travelling by boat is such a cool way to get around. I wish we used the Thames more in London. Rome was amazing because of historical monuments. It's like you've been given a window to the past."

And although Ade has travelled quite extensively with The Travel Show, there are quite a few more places he would like to visit.

"I'd like to travel around America more - South Carolina, Texas, Boston, Mississippi, New Orleans. Also the Southern Hemisphere. I've never been to South America or further south; places like the Cook Islands and New Zealand. When I think of it, there are loads of places I'd love to go to!”

Ade, who was born in Nigeria, hasn't spent much time in that country, but there are quite a few must-see places he believes people should see when visiting Nigeria. "I've been to Lagos, which is a place everybody should experience because it's just crazy. It's one of the most vibrant cities that I've been too. It also has Lekki beach which is a nice place to go for a drink."

Talking about Africa’s beauty, Ade said he loves the diversity and incredible wildlife the continent offers.

“I love the diversity of Africa, you have the incredible wildlife, awe inspiring natural wonders and the people. It's a continent with so much variety in culture, in history, but its biggest strength by far is the people, they never cease to amaze and surprise you. Who would have thought you'd find a growing heavy metal scene in Botswana, and I'd be moshing at a gig with a load of people dressed in leather on the outskirts of Gaborone!”

And for those who’ve never visited Botswana, Zimbabwe or Nigeria, Ade has a few places he believes should top any visitors’ must-see list in these countries.

“Zimbabwe for the wildlife, and Victoria Falls. Africa's a continent of adventure, you can keep going for years and constantly see different things. If you know people there, get somebody to take you around Lagos. Nigerians, and Lagosians in particular are very charismatic and engaging people. And the Kejetia market in Kumasi Ghana is the biggest outdoor market in West Africa and worth a visit.”

Through his travels, Ade doesn’t do much research and likes to be surprised when he visits new places. Except of course if there’s a news angle, then he’d do a bit of research.

And no trip is complete without a memento from each city, and there’s one thing Ade tries to get, in each new place he visits.

“I know it's very tacky, but I'm a sucker for a fridge magnet!”

Make sure to tune in to BBC World News on Saturday 18 April at 15:30 and 20:30 and see Ade’s adventures in Zimbabwe. Stay tuned to the channel in May for his travels to Zambia and Botswana, which will include a look at projects aimed at protecting Africa’s most iconic animal - the lion -  and a glimpse into the hardcore head-bangers who live in Botswana.