Big vehicle with animal head and horns

America's rich history is harnessed to create monstrously powerful and beautiful Road Hauks. Watch and stream live on DStv Now.

Designer and builder Kenny Hauk and his team continue to shake up the car world with their vehicles.  They harness America’s rich history for inspiration, on and off the road. Road Hauks starts Thursday 2 November 2017 at 21:10 on HISTORY, DStv Channel 186 and stream live on DStv Now.

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From a WWII bomber jeep to an off-road machine inspired by the gun that won the west, nobody blends history with raw power like Hauk Designs. Each creation is a blend of amazing mechanical performance with historically accurate features and styles.

Join Kenny as he goes on unique field trips to historical locations, homes, barns and garages of collectors, and be amazed at the results - monstrous power, sleek and beautiful creations.

Stream live more things big and amazing on HISTORY, DStv Channel 186, on DStv Now. 

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by Alice da Silva