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Rachel Lindsay is the first black bachelorette and the oldest at the age of 32. This episode is where she'll be picking the man she hopes will get down on one knee for her. Don't miss the three hour showdown on Saturday 12 August at 18:00 on Vuzu  Amp.  

It hasn’t been an easy ride for Rachel. She is a successful lawyer and also studied kinesiology and sports management. Did you know that she made it to the top three of The Bachelor S21.

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Now she gets to choose her own man who she’ll hopefully spend the rest of her life with. 

So Rachel is left with three men who met her family:

Bryan on The Bachelorette
- Bryan who seems to be sincere. He's always being teased as the others think he had his cheeks filled.

- Eric is not too experienced in the love department but he seems to be in love with Rachel nonetheless.

- Last but not least, we have Peter but him and Rachel seem to differ on their definition of what it means to be engaged.

Here she tells you why you should tune in:



So let’s take a look at some memories she’s shared with us on this journey: