A scene from the movie That Awkward Moment starring Miles Teller, Zac Efron and Michael B Jordan

We are so excited for Sunday night’s blockbuster, That Awkward Moment.

We are so excited for Sunday night’s blockbuster That Awkward Moment.

Yes, we have a date with three of Hollywood’s most eligible bachelors – Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B Jordan.

Make sure to tune in to M-Net Movies Premiere on Sunday 19 April at 20:30 for That Awkward Moment, which sees these three guys questioning where their relationships with their significant others are going. And we hope to get some great answers that can help us IRL too!

Of course, with new relationships, there’ll always be those awkward moments, and here are three awkward moments we hope we never have to experience while on a date with these uber-hot actors.

Zac Efron
Now we’ve been a fan of Zac since his days on the Disney classic, High School Musical, and that’s who he’ll always be to us so we’ll definitely be geeking out and calling him Troy all through the date.

Now imagine just how awkward things would be if we asked him to sing along to the High School Musical classic song, Start of Something New.

“Hey Troy, you can sing your part, and I’ll sing Gabriella’s!”

Miles Teller
Miles Teller is definitely one of those actors who’ll be around for a very long time, delivering amazing performances.

But he reminds us so much of John Cusack, during our date, we’d be convinced he is the actor’s younger son, or at least one of the Cusack grandchildren.

And while the date would’ve been pretty okay for much of the evening, over dinner, we’d probably stare at him, coming up with a bunch of scenarios why he must be a Cusack. And every time he talks about something interesting, we’d ask: “Are you sure you’re not a Cusack?” – we’d be like a stuck record!

 Michael B. Jordan
For us, the ideal date with Michael B. Jordan would be dinner and drinks. He’s such a private person, that it would be amazing to just chill with him and get to know him better.

This would be the perfect evening, as the conversation would be non-stop. We’ll find out more about his family, his career, his hopes and dreams and what it was like to meet Oprah. This would be the best night of our lives, until of course we get home only to realise there is a piece of spinach stuck between our teeth, and it's been there since the main course!

Yes, awkward moments are all around us, and sometimes it’s best to just pull up your chin and walk it through. To see how Zac, Miles and Michael deal with their awkward moments, make a date with DStv and M-Net Movies Premiere on Sunday 19 April at 20:30 for That Awkward Moment.