Antonio Diaz with a deck of cards with a green background.

One of the most brilliant illusionists of recent times, Antonio Diaz, uses magic to meet pop icons.

Antonio Diaz is considered one of the most brilliant illusionists of recent times and is prepared to capture audiences on the small screen with his understanding of magic. In the new show, The Pop Illusionist, Diaz relies on his mastery of illusion to achieve one of his dreams: to meet one of his pop icons.


Antonio Diaz

Diaz is not your typical magician. Famous for his teleporting skills (he has teleported himself to New York for a TV show), it is not surprising that he is the winner of the Spanish National Magic Prize. 

At 28, Diaz has been passionate about magic for four years and, after a successful run in theatres across Spain, he founded his own theatre. 

Now, in Discovery Channel’s (DStv 121) The Pop Illusionist, Antonio spans the streets of Europe putting the theory of six degrees of separation to the test with the aim of meeting and impressing well-known personalities with his magic - meeting English physicist Stephen Hawking, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and Brazilian soccer player Neymar by way of only six go-betweens will be his challenge.

With no tuxedo or hat, he’s just a young magician with overwhelming talent. His fresh style combined with a balanced mix of humour, imagination and feeling is sure to capture your mind. 

Don’t miss The Pop Illusionist on the Discovery Channel (DStv 121) on Wednesdays at 20:00 CAT.