Laurel and Michaela in a scene from the TV series How To Get Away With Murder

With Sam’s sister in town demanding answers and news reports of Sam’s body being found, things were getting tricky for Annalise and her students.

With Sam’s sister in town demanding answers and news reports of Sam’s body being found, things were getting tricky for Annalise and her students.

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Through all the drama, Annalise kept a cool head, having everyone wonder why a woman who just lost her husband isn’t breaking down.

But Hannah broke down, accusing Annalise of having killed Sam, and demanding police to arrest her.

In fact, she even had them search Annalise’s house and office for clues into his disappearance, something that had the students very nervous.

Although the police found no evidence, it was Bonnie who put all the pieces of the puzzle together, telling Annalise she shouldn’t allow herself to be ruined, because of the students.

But towards the end, it was clear where Annalise’s loyalties lie, when her special friend Nate was arrested for Sam’s murder, after she had Frank steal his fingerprint, and smudge it on the ring that belonged to Sam, that was found at the alleged crime scene.

After all of this drama, Annalise finally broke down and called on the only person she can rely on – her mommy.

Here are our favourite quotes from last night’s episode:


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Frank told Bonnie exactly where to get off, when she realised she was the last person to find out that Sam was dead. We like Frank. We like how he always keeps a cool head, but maybe protecting Annalise will get him into a lot of trouble soon?

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Oh Annalise! You may not have pushed Sam off the staircase and dealt the final blow with the trophy, but you knowing what happened and encouraging the cover up makes you very guilty.

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